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200QJH60-25/2-7.5KW seawater submersible pumps

March 24, 2023

Latest company news about 200QJH60-25/2-7.5KW seawater submersible pumps

I received an inquiry from a Russian customer who wanted to know about seawater submersible pumps. Submersible pumps are used in seawater concentration desalination plants. In order to prevent corrosion, I recommend customers to use duplex stainless steel, because this material is more corrosion-resistant than SS316L , can be used for a longer time.

After careful communication with the customer, I have a general understanding of the customer's use environment. The customer wants a flow rate of about 50-60m3/h and a head of 25 meters. I recommend the customer model to use 200QJH60-25/2-7.5KW, which can just meet Customer demand. And in order to be more resistant to corrosion, I suggest that customers install a casing on the motor part of the pump, which can better protect the motor and reduce the temperature of the motor when the pump is working. The customer also wanted to install it horizontally. After our detailed discussion, we installed a base for the pump, which can be fixed on the ground. In order to use it better, we also configure a 90-degree elbow for the customer at the water outlet.

The customer recognized my professionalism and service attitude very much, and he wanted to cooperate with me very much, so we provided the customer with the seawater submersible pump he needed.latest company news about 200QJH60-25/2-7.5KW seawater submersible pumps  0latest company news about 200QJH60-25/2-7.5KW seawater submersible pumps  1

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